Cadaqués's surroundings

Picturesque Cadaqués combines typical Mediterranean architecture with the wild natural landscapes of the Cap de Creus headland.

Located in the peninsula of the Cap de Creus, Cadaqués is one of the most emblematic localities of the Costa Brava. Its rocky coastline, well-known for its alluring beaches and coves and the incredible landscapes of the Nature Park, constitutes one of the town’s main attractions. Numerous museums and art galleries, in particular the Salvador Dalí House-Museum, testify to the busy cultural life enjoyed by the town. The old town centre, with its centuries-old Mediterranean air and the tang of its sea air, has been a source of inspiration for painters and other artists of worldwide fame. We invite you to discover it!   

Nature Parks
This territory of startling hidden places sums up all the beauty and exoticism of the contrast between the rugged Pyrenees and the subtlety of the Mediterranean.
Cap de Creus
Empordà Marshes

The Alt Empordà has unique examples of a wide diversity of cultural manifestations, notably museums, music festivals, fairs and popular festivities that enable the visitor to discover the richness of its attractions and enjoy magic moments.
Salvador Dalí House-Museum
Old Town and Church of Santa Maria
Cadaqués Art Museum

The exceptional landscape of this region offers unique opportunities for enjoying all kinds of activities in the open air. From its famous shore walks to cycle tourism, via adventure sports, water sports or golf, the leisure possibilities are practically inexhaustible.

These lands offer a vast variety of succulent cuisine made with products of the highest quality. Here you can taste exquisite dishes, either cooked on the most traditional stoves or prepared by the expert hands of the finest chefs and restaurateurs in the culinary world.

Popular festivities 
The civilisation of a people is also defined by its festivities, which belong to the culture of leisure, entertainment and participation. They are often steeped in tradition and history: the passing of time has changed many habits and eliminated many customs, but the festivities remain alive and evolve to adapt to new circumstances.
Cadaqués International Music Festival

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