Berga's surroundings

Berga is a town in central Catalonia that enjoys a privileged strategic location, lying at the foot of the Serra de Queralt hills in the Pre-Pyrenees and looking down the valley of the River Llobregat

The Berguedà district is composed of plain and mountains: the agricultural and industrial plain of farms and textile colonies, and the mountains with their spectacular, rugged geology, which for years were mining zones and have long been renowned for their wild mushrooms. The free-flowing Llobregat comes to a rest in the Baells reservoir, from which in the past it powered the textile colonies

Our matchless surroundings also provide for a multitude of sports activities for all levels: hiking, climbing, running, BTT, paragliding, fishing, water sports on the Baells reservoir – a whole range of leisure activities in the heart of nature – or simply relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet of the area.

The district also offers magnificent gastronomy all year round for the most demanding palates, particularly in the autumn and winter, when the wild mushroom cuisine and game take the starring role on the menus of our restaurants.

Cultural visits in the county town feature the routes "A Stroll Around Berga", "Medieval Berga", "Berga’s Mills" and "Carline Berga ", which will introduce you to the history of the town.

And with the various festivities, events, celebrations, fairs, etc., held here, you will enjoy even more your stay in our district.

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